Western Australia

DAY 16 – January the 4th – Big Jet Plane to Sydney

Wake up at 5 o’clock to have our last breakfast on the rocks at Port Denison. Then, we went to Perth airport, a new adventure can start!!!!!!

Gonzales who washes Pollo’s windshield.




DAY 15 – January the 3rd –  On the road again

We drove 800 km south to Geralton, we had breakfast at BIllabong road house, and headed to lake  Ellendale where we slept after a good barbecue.


DAY 14- January, the 2nd – Turquoise day

After snorkeling at Pilgrammuna, we moved to Turquoise Bay, in Ningaloo, another very nice beach, where  we saw a turtle and many fishes. Kite surf for Bastien.



Then we hiked in a breathtaking landscape.  Mamadou and Fatima hiking…



We saw kangaroos cubs (babys.) and we drove to Exmouth where we filed up the gas tank before eating in a wonderful restaurant: sea food, and fish were exquisite, thanks Bastien to invite girls!


After that, we went to the beach see big sea turtles nesting at this period of the year! amazing! Then, we drove by night to Carnarvon and saw a lot of kangaroo on the road… Be careful they jump out of nowhere!!! Sorry Pollo!




DAY 13 – January, the 1st – Happy New Year !!!

wake up at lake side, first swim of the year: with another turtle and a manta ray. First kite session of the year for bast. Then we moved still in Ningaloo but on another site: Pilgrammuna. We ate chocolat banana with kangaroos.


Virginie is sweeping the sand out of Nathalie’s feet20140101_213754

DAY 12 – December the 31st  – New Years Eve in Ningaloo

After a short night, we moved to Ningaloo National Park, we checked the weather forecast and the weather should get better from day to day after the Cyclone. Winds should still be strong for Bastien’s pleasure. We found a camping spot at Lake Side, parked Pollo under trees to get some shadow and hang hammocks to rest after the previous days on the road. As soon as possible, we took our snorkeling gear and jumped into the lagoon cristal clear water to watch fishes and turtles.


Our favorite camping spot so far, no network coverage, a piece of heaven on earth. DSC_1476

Nath is enjoying her favorite book of the moment, while Virginie is taking nice shots of Bastien kiting in the lagoon by a perfectly 25 knots established wind.DSC_1475


We are camping at the Kangaroos meeting point as there is a water pond. Girls ran with kangaroos during their footing.DSC_1495

Nath is swimming behind a small green turtle, not really afraid of us…we didn’t see any shark at that time !Capture d’écran 2014-01-05 à 22.28.15

After a great day, Nath & Virg dressed up as princesses for New Years Eve and we opened a bottle of French Champagne to celebrate after a good dinner to finish on the beach watching stars and the milky way.DSC_1517

DAY 11 – December the 30th – Cyclone Day

After one night in Quobba station, we are still alive and hit the gravel road again to go to Red Bluff, 70 km up North. We were expecting to join Coral Bay’s road but unfortunately, once there, we were noticed that we couldn’t go through and had to go back the way we came. In total we did more than 140 km on a mix of gravel and sand road…not ideal for our Pollo and for our butt.



Back on the main road at Geraldton, we head out to Coral Bay and crossed the “Tropic Of Capricorn”, temperature was over 45 °C, we couldn’t stand outside for more than 5 minutes. With the heat, small tornados were coming out of nowhere, dragging dust up in the air.


Beautiful sunset in Exmouth, the most Northern point of our road trip, we had dinner on the beach and tried to fish with no success. The next night was quite rough because of the Cyclone Christine, bridging strong winds and rain over the night.


DAY 10 – December 29th – Dolphins day

We went to Monkey Mia to watch dolphins but we were a bit disappointed because it was very busy place with lot of tourists.



Then we drove to Carnarvon where we cooked a 5 stars lunch.



Then we drove again for a long time to go to Quobba station, a camping place looking like an horror film scene !

DAY 9 – December 28th – Kite surf and fishing lesson

Breakfast at Denham near Shark Bay, Bobby our volley ball joined the team: Po, Pollo, Virg, Bast or pekeur, and Nathou. We went to little lagon for kite session and Virginie is behind the camera to take nice pictures while Nath is cooking tandoori chicken skewers (it’s 4pm). on this coast, there are lots of beautiful lagoons with all kinds of blue.





We walked at Eagle Rocks to watch rays and sharks in a strong blowing wind.



Come back to Fowlers camp where Bast tought the girls how to fish starting by a good casting.




This is our camping spot !

DAY 8 – December 27th – RED BLUFF RUN (happy birthday Marc)

We ran at 8 o’clock to see a beautiful view near red bluff. Then we went to Shark Bay, first drive for Nathalie; we stopped at the red salted lake for a nice picture; 3 or 4 ours of drive from Shark Bay, impressive!!! halt to eat an ice cream at the billabong road house, and we stopped on a little crick at Fowlers camp. The wind is strong:we cook the Taylor in the van.





DAY 7 – December 26th – TAYLOR DAY

5am: wake up early to avoid rangers at Jurien bay, meeting with kangaroos on our way to Port Denison for a breakfast on the rocks over the sea.


we drive to Geralton where we eat and continue to Kalbarri National Park. just one stop to buy local cider and fishing baits. We found a camping spot and went straightway to Wittecarra beach, willing to catch fish. While Bast was preparing fishing gears, Nath crackers and beers. And it’s the D-Day: Bast caught a Taylor!! DSC_1151

DAY 6 – December 25th – Xmas day (and we have the “mère Noël” !!)

breakfast with Stella: croissant and a Xmas sock for each.


Then, we began the long road to the North, starting by Lancelin: wonderful dunes near the road; shooting on the beach with the two Xmas mother, beef on the barbecue and mango: merry Xmas!!




then, next stop at the Pinnacles desert for sunset: wonderful colors! we missed to eat an Emeu for dinner after one of them ran in front of our Polo, but fortunately Bastien was a great pilote… for the moment, cause when we stopped at Jurien Bay for the night, we had our first mishap: : polo was stuck on a big log. Occasion for Bastien to show another talent: mecano: he knows to do everything! 🙂 Then, night fishing!



(a fishing party is better with rhum, and with our mascotte: Pau )





DAY 5: december, 24th – Xmas eve

Wake-up at 8 o’clock for a run in the forest (without GPS it was a hard challenge for Virg and Nathou). To reward the effort, Bast had prepared hand squeezed orange juice and crepe party – miam miam-


We leave the south and his vegetation to go back up north and the heat. Lunch at Busselton (yalling toast) on the water front,walking on the jetty, and Bast did a diving show that girls marked: not famous: best diving 7/10 for the Penguin’s dive.

come back to Yarloop for a Christmas diner not like usual: with Stella’s family, lamb chicken and sea food (“noix de saint jacques”) skewer on the barbecue. and the “buche de noel” was a cheese cake. champagne of course.





Day 4 – 23/12/2013 – Fishing Day

Wake up at 4:30 AM, the sun is just showing up at the end of the trail, and we are going to Gracetown for our first Surfcasting experience, looking for big fishes. Bastien made us believe that he caught a wonderful multi color fish, that he released by good heart, without thinking about our starving stomachs.

First try at casting for girls, not really successful but they had the attitude, so next time will be alright !


20131223-183732.jpgOnce the sun was too high in the sky for fishing, we moved to Yallingup for brunch, we took our best cold shower ever and created the “Yalling Toast”, a Croque Madame with oignons and chutney mango sauce done on a barbecue of course.

We stayed at the be the rest of the day, did snorkeling even if not many fishes were to be seen, so the girls taught Bastien how to play Tarot & Jungle speed under a heavy sun with flying flies.


DSC01861We stayed until sunset and enjoyed a chicken satay barbecue before going back into our favorite forest and sip some lime aromatized rhum from La Réunion.



Day 3 – 22/12/2013 – Yarloop Margaret River

After a good night in front of Stella’s house and a perfect breakfast with homemade marmelade, we hit the road again to Margaret River. On our way, we stopped at Geographes Bay for great lunch on the beach.


DSC01848After this wonderful lunch, eating lamb, fresh veggies and a good mango, Bastien went back kitesurfing while the girls were cleaning dishes and eating chocolate 🙂

Later in the afternoon, we moved down to Cape Leuwin but didn’t see any whale as the migration season was already over.

DSC_1006We ended our day in a forest near Margaret River, camping out of rangers view. We made the best burgers ever, now called the Margaret Burger, with the must try Mojito. We finished by a blind test in the van…and we can be sure that Bastien is better for cooking than finding musics.

Day 2 – 21/12/2013  – On the Southern Roads


After our first night in the van, we were supposed to meet with Stella at 9:30 AM but it was without counting on the french crêpes party at Clarke’s. All the family joined in the kitchen to remember the good tastes of their previous travel to France.Once the breaky swallowed, we head down to Perth with Stella, our guide for the day to visit the Botanic Garden with our first parrots and then go down to Fremantle to eat a tasteful pizza and buy fruits at the local market. This town a few minutes south from Perth hectic downtown is a peaceful place with great beaches perfect to relax on weekends.


Group photo with Clarke’s ! Thanks all for your welcoming ! (For the next steps, please note that the van is not a simple camper anymore, it’s Pollo, our best mate for the next 4700 km)

DSC01809In the afternoon, we go back to Spearwood to take Pollo (the van 🙂 ) and start our trip down South for a first stop at Safety Bay, in Rockingham. Run for girls and kite for Bast’, we did a race and it’s not decided yet who won…after a good sport session we joined Stella in her house in Yarloop to eat a good dish and sleep in front of the house.



Day 1 – 20/12/2013 – First steps in Western Australia

Nathalie & Virginie arriving from Mauritius land at Perth International airport while Bastien is going to pick-up the campervan after a 4 hours flight from Sydney. Bastien arrived two hours late the van full with kite / fishing gear, the usual Colgate bright smile and his best shirt, thinking that it would make it for the delay….ok, he will cook crepes the day after to be forgiven.

This day will be focused on logistics, we head down to Perth CBD to get Australian change and make groceries for the next few days. First time in a city for the girls after 3 months in La Réunion and Mauritius…big change but fortunately we will soon get off the city to enjoy our first barbie at Woodman Point.

After our first lunch at 4 PM, we decide to go to the beach and have our first swim in the WA hot waters, not hot enough for girls as they’ve been used to 28°C, the wind is picking up so Bastien cant’t stay in place and pump his kite for a sunset session with local kite surfers.


Just before the night, we move to Spearwood, where Kim and Shane’s family is waiting for us to park the van in front of there house to spend the night, kids will show us the way to the swimming pool and the evening will end around a friendly beer wile sharing lots of travel stories. First english talks for Virginie and Nathalie !

From Margaret River to Exmouth…

A campervan, 2 great girls, one boy, a massive piece of land to discover and 4700 km later we are back the head full of lifetime memories

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