Long distance runner, kitesurf instructor, skier, cyclist and all around Adventurer, I fuel my activities working as a freelance management consultant in Sydney and usually travel around with TCH00P, my trusty, rust free Landcruiser.

Key achievements are on my Adventures and Race summary page though this is where it all started

I’m born in Paris, France and was always attracted to nature and especially the mountains where my parents would take my older sister and I, hike every summer and ski every winter for the most awaited week in the year.

The little yellow bike as I called it.

Even though I lived in a big city, I spent most of my free time in the forest where my parents would take me during the weekend. Surprisingly I could also spend hours by the river, fishing from sunrise to sunset and never got bored.

I can’t say that my parents or anyone in my family was ever as competitive as I was. The first sport I did, after spending my 5th year doing some kind of dancing while my sister was at her class, was Track and Field. I was 6 and I sucked at it, I wasn’t a fast sprinter, I couldn’t throw the weights very far and my jumping abilities were average however I did it all…sprint, hurdles, relay, discs, javelin, hammer, long jump, triple jump except pole vault as I was too young…and I attended a few competitions. I loved competitions for the logistics, prepping my kit, spending time with my friends and most importantly my laughing cow sandwiches. My category, don’t laugh, was “mini chick” (mini poussins) for kids aged 7 or 8. In 1996, as our club organized a celebration for the 100th anniversary of the Olympic Games, we participated into the main sports of the first Olympics. As usual I didn’t do great at anything…but for the first time, I got to run a longer distance and not only with the “chicks”, I was now 10 years old, but with other kids up to 16 years old that looked a lot stronger and taller than me. I can only remember that I caught up a lot of the older ones who started way too fast and didn’t last the four laps of the 400m outdoor track….


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