Fraser Island discovery


 It has been a while since I haven’t posted an article on the blog. I have been staffed for a project in Brisbane for 12 weeks so I took  this opportunity to stay for a few weekends and travel around.

A couple of friends drove my car up from Sydney over Easter while I was in Philippines which avoided me a 10 hours long drive. I  then flew back up to Brizzie for work.

Since I arrived in Australia, I heard lots of things about the famous Fraser Island, good and bad as usual…so I planned two weekends to discover this island located 200 km North from Brisbane and only accessible via ferry with a 4wd.


On the ferry we deflated tyres to improve traction on the sand. I was not sure how I would handle it, knowing that my last experience on a beach in Oman ended up by 5 hours digging under the car just before high tide with Stephan… But this time I have a shovel 🙂


The ferry is packed with 4wd heading over the island to camp during the weekend.


Fraser Island is the biggest sand dune in the world, however while inland the forest doesn’t make you feel like you are actually on sand.


Lake Mc Kenzie is probably the most famous place on the island, its freshwater is cristal clear and the sand is the thinnest I’ve seen in Australia.


Margot didn’t resist long to jump into the warm water of the lake.


Boomerang lake is the highest dune lake in the world culminating at 130m above sea level.



Margot, Do and Arianne joined me for the first trip…


Dingos can show up sometimes, they have a pretty bad reputation for attacking people for food…but we havent crossed many of them.


As it is winter now, the sun sets early, around 17h30 so it’s time to set the camp and light a fire.DSC_4186

In Australia, it is always worth waking up early to see the sun rise…


And right after, best meal of the day…breakfast!


This is my favorite on the move breaky, toast with avocado, tomato, cheddar cheese and eggs…


Just find a nice spot….and it’s the best breakfast ever!


As one weekend wasn’t enough to take a complete tour of the island, I went back the weekend after with Laure and Vincent.


We woke-up at 5h30 on Saturday morning to drive-up on the beach from Noosa to Inskip point, the most southern point of the Island, where the Manta Ray ferry makes trips every 10 min.


We discovered more lakes on the southern part of the Island…Lake Boomanjin


Lake Birrabeen…probably our favorite, almost as beautiful as Lake Mc Kenzie but not as busy.


Vincent used his drone to make very nice footage that you will soon enjoy in a film…you will see us towing a car out of the water…




We then drove up to Indian Head…the place is famous to watch marine life…we saw many rays and what really looked like sharks but we are not sure.


Of course it wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t get bogged in the very soft sand of Ngala Rocks on the way to Sandy Cape, the Northest Point of the Island.


Vincent was the perfect co-pilot, and he placed recovery tracks at the right place to help me go through this tough section.


We well deserved our breakfast, this time Laure made us crepes 😛


Waves were awesome, the only issue is that with the number of sharks cruising in the area, it would be crazy to go surfing…



We stopped one last time at Indian head to watch Tunas and drove down to the ferry…

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