Daily routine

Photos and videos tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚



Rower or Bike – 10 min


#1 – Core

Alternate 1, 2 and 3 between between Abs. and Planks so you can rest.

e.g. Do Abs 1 then Planks 1, Abs.2 and planks 2 …

  • Abs. 25 reps. โ€“ 1. Crunch 2. Sides with ball 3. Cross
  • Planks 20s. On / 10s. Off x 3 โ€“ 1. Facing down 2. Right side 3. Left side (to make it harder – put one leg UP)

#2 – Glutes


e.g. Clam shells right leg x30 then Clam shells left leg x30 then Full long extension x 25 Right leg then left…

  • Clam shells band at the knee 30 reps on each side x2
  • Full leg extension band at ankles 25 reps on each side x2

#3 – Single leg stability

  • Single leg squats with 6kg kettle bell
  • Rotation with kettle bell standing on 1 leg
  • Calf raisers closing eyes

#4 – Proprioception

  • Standing on bosu or other unstable tool on one leg, elastic at the ankle of the other leg and attached to a fixed point) – lateral and longitudinal pulls
  • Stand on Swiss ball (move side to side / up and down / forward and backward / pass a weighted ball around my waist, between my legs and overhead โ€“ ideally find someone to throw the ball back)


Treadmill or Bike – 10 min – Unless cycling home


2 thoughts on “Daily routine

  1. Thank you Bastien , nice routine
    Do you also use the jumping rope in your daily routine ?


    1. I do depending on my Achilles. And definitely wearing trainers to do it.


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