20/10/2014 – Botany Big Coast Run

I’m not a big fan of road running and quite lazy when it comes to training for running. So there is nothing better than a good trail running!

Capture d’écran 2014-10-20 à 15.16.23

Kurnell is about 45 min drive away from Bondi at the south end of Botany Bay. We already went there for my first Australian Triathlon in March, and it’s also 10 min away from my favorite kite spots in Sydney.

Wake-up at 5AM for an early breakfast, the race start is at 7AM so it’s too late and I’m going to pay for it during the run with stomach aches.

The 20 KM run started along Silver Beach, with a good 4km warm-up on the hard sand. It was very hard for me to follow Australians who are very good on the sand. Then we turned into the bush and it became rocky, I really enjoyed the technical sections where I can make a difference with people used to run on road.

The scenery was amazing and luckily the wind was bringing fresh air from the sea. The sun is already hot even if spring just started. Last week storm poured lots of water on the track and my legs were suffering when I was jumping in puddles feeling like ice cold.

We passed by Cape Solander, famous for the waves where best big wave riders came this year to compete for the Red Bull Cape Fear.



I finished in 1h39 minutes for 18,56 KM. I’m 19th overall for about 100 runners.

IMG_7728 copy

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